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European Cruises

As a continent packed with history, culture and heritage, there may be no better place to take a first cruise than around Europe. Boasting a coastline of over 40,000 miles, the continent offers a truly diverse set of options to cater to first-time travellers or repeat bookers – there's a European cruise for absolutely everyone.

Liners will divide their options into three broad categories: the Mediterranean and Canary Islands, Northern Europe, and Scandinavia – the lattermost usually focusing on the Norwegian fjords and the Arctic. Why not drive toSouthampton and jump aboard a P&O Cruise to Gibraltar, Palma and Lisbon, or fly to Copenhagen to embark on a tour of Stockholm, Tallinn and St Petersburg?

You could find yourself with a luxury cabin travelling one of the most popular European cruise routes, sailing effortlessly between places you may never have found a chance to explore by road or air. With varied international cuisine, excellent shopping opportunities and thousands of cultural landmarks to explore, there's always a cruise ready to whisk you away to the continent, whatever time of the year it is.

On top of this, many of our European cruises allow you to take in a little more than just the immediate coastal attractions. Jumping aboard Holland America's Iberian and Baltic Adventure could see you going as far inland as Hamburg and Berlin via Kiel and Warnemünde, while you could explore Paris or Bruges with Royal Caribbean International. 

Browse our options below – we have plenty of extremely popular tours available, with many more European cruises you may never have considered which could offer you an unrivalled change of scenery!

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