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Cambodia Cruise

Located in South East Asia, Cambodia is a country that is becoming increasingly popular with tourists having emerged from the dark days of the Khmer Rouge regime.

While the capital city of Phnom Penh and the world famous temples at Angkor Watt are arguably the most popular destinations for foreign visitors, the arrival of cruise liners have opened up the chance to visit the Cambodian coast and everything it has to offer.

The main destination for those on a cruise around Cambodia is Sihanoukville, a deepwater port to the southwest of the capital.

One of the main selling points for the city is the various beaches that can be found nearby whilst there is also the chance to take a trip out to the various islands that dot the coastline – which offers diverse marine life and the chance to take part in some diving.

The coastal location means that fresh seafood can be enjoyed in many of Sihanoukville’s restaurants, whilst there are bustling markets and vibrant nightlife to enjoy.

Outside the city limits, the temples of Wat Krom and Wat Leu are worth a visit while the Ream National Park is also nearby. Home to a range of different wildlife, the National Park also provides the chance to explore lush forests and to take a ride on the Prek Teuk Sap river. 

While the scars of the past remain, there is no doubt that a Cambodia cruise is one to savour.


Cruise from Sihanoukville

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