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China Cruise

Without doubt, China is already one of the top tourist destinations to be found anywhere in the world; with travellers drawn in by the chance to explore a country that features a huge array of ancient historical sites.

A cruise around China provides the opportunity to visit a number of the major cities, including the capital city Beijing.

Packed with history, Beijing is a city where you’ll never struggle to find something to do, with ample opportunity to go sightseeing, to shop in bustling markets or to sample the best in Chinese cuisine.

The list of attractions for those visiting Beijing is almost endless, with the majestic Forbidden City, the impressive Summer Palace and Tiananmen Square being three of the most visited sites within the city. 

Beijing is also the gateway to the Great Wall of China; arguably one of the most famous structures to be found anywhere in the world.

China’s largest city Shanghai is also a fixture on a cruise around the country, and is just as packed with things to see and do.

Alongside numerous temples, there is the opportunity to pay a visit to the Shanghai Museum, to stroll through the lavish Yu Gardens, to take a walk along the Bund or to head for Suzhou for a cruise on its old canal network.

Add into the mix the old sea port of Xiamen and the surrounding coast and you’re sure to enjoy a magical time during a cruise around China.


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