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Monaco Cruises

Regarded as a playground for the rich and famous, the principality of Monaco on the French Riviera is also one of Europe’s premier cruise destinations, with a number of cruise lines operating trips that dock in the famous Monte Carlo harbour.

Arguably the biggest draw on a Monaco cruise is the chance to try your luck in one of the most famous casinos in the world, the Casino de Monte-Carlo, where a range of different gaming tables and slot machines are available.

Located in Casino Square, the building is also home to the Opera de Monte Carlo and is famed for its architectural design, as well as being one of Monaco’s most photographed and well-known landmarks.

Monaco Cathedral and the Prince’s Palace of Monaco – still the headquarters of the Monégasque ruler Prince Albert II – are amongst the other major tourist attractions, although for some, a cruise around Monaco is all about the experience of walking through the city streets to explore the many boutiques and bars.

The opportunity to try and catch a glimpse of some of the well known residents is simply an added bonus...

Of interest to sports fans is the opportunity to take a walk or a ride around the streets that are used for Monaco’s famous Formula One Grand Prix, with La Rascasse being the ideal place to enjoy a drink at the end of a ‘lap’ while taking in views over the majestic yachts that are to be found in the harbour.

Cruises from Monte Carlo

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