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Spain Cruises

Spain is a country full of treasures and can be few better ways to explore everything it has to offer that by incorporating it into a cruise around the Mediterranean.

One of the top destinations on a cruise around Spain is Barcelona, one of the most popular cities to be found anywhere in Europe. 

A visit to the vibrant Catalan capital will provide the chance to see some of the top tourist sites in the country, including Gaudi’s imposing Basilica La Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, the Hospital de Sant Pau and the Montjuic Olympic Park; used in the 1992 Summer Games.

Further down the coast, there is the chance to explore the historic delights of Valencia, the impessive architecture of Murcia and to spend time on the famous 'Costas'. 

The Costa del Sol in particular is a huge draw for tourists who are attracted by the stunning beaches and the impressive climate, with the lively city of Malaga at its heart.

As well as taking in the sights, no Spain cruise would be complete without sampling the best cuisine to be found in the country, with tapas and paella being the ideal meals to share with friends.

Add into the mix fine local beers and fine wines from Spanish vineyards and a first rate experience is all but guaranteed.

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