Transatlantic Cruises

Long before the advent of the passenger jet created the opportunity to fly across the Atlantic in a matter of hours, the only way to travel to the USA was by sea – with a transatlantic cruise providing the perfect opportunity to follow in the footsteps of travellers past.

Unlike those who made the trip in the early days of sea travel, those sampling the delights of a modern transatlantic cruise will be able to make the journey in the luxury surroundings of one of the many large liners that regularly make the trip, providing guests onboard with the opportunity to relax at sea on one of the most famous cruise voyages there is.

For some, the opportunity to arrive in New York under the shadow of the Statue of Liberty will be enough, but a transatlantic cruise can also provide the chance to head for the delights of Brazil or to sample the delights of the Caribbean.

As a result, the tranquillity of days at sea can be married with the shopping in the 'Big Apple', with the chance to relax on a beautiful sandy white beach, or with the opportunity to explore the history and culture of some of the brightest and most cosmopolitan cities in South America.

Beach holidays, city holidays, family breaks or romantic getaways – a transatlantic cruise can tick every box.

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